The fury of floods has been on a significantly disturbing trend across South Asia in recent years. Economic losses and human hardship are mounting significantly. Yet much of this remains under the radar since the communities are poor and the economies informal. Humanitarian flood responses therefore usually take place in particularly challenging settings with very limited resources and in the face of detrimental policies.

This lesson learning study was a unique initiative that went beyond mere evaluation. Rather, it looked at challenges, innovations and initiatives that can inform future response. These were drawn from a number of Christian Aid and partner emergency responses on floods and cyclones from 2007-2012 across India and Bangladesh. The study was commissioned by CA South Asia. The lessons are captured in a way that can help organisations plan for the future and build appropriate capacities at all levels. It is a forward-looking attempt for an ever-improving aid system. One that not only helps affected families survive, but also helps trigger rapid recovery and long-term resilience.

The findings led to the creation of a learning module and a field operators' guide that will help build the capacity of response agencies for flood situations.

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