Innovative knowledge-based communications to help the humanitarian and development sector spark positive change...


  With a vision of resilient and sustainable communities.





The mission of SWC took root

While serving as SEEDS’ media wing

With a passion to write, design, innovate and shoot

We were excited to see what new sector perspectives we could bring


Saferworld Communications (SWC) has been servicing the communication needs of the sector since 2003. We have partnered with a number of UN and government agencies, IFRC, Plan, Christian Aid and Concern Worldwide among others.


Approach and uniqueness


Our approach focuses on telling stories that bring change

For each well-told initiative can make a difference, big or small

That’s why our plotlines cover a varied range

Wherever ‘disaster-related’ humanitarian and development work call


The team combines a passion for communication

With sector knowledge and field skill

This means a multiple-perspective approach is done

No matter which objective we need to fulfil


A range of creative tools: We tell these stories in different ways to stand out; through interaction, through words, through images, through video, through infographics and through innovative design.


Nuanced analysis and translation of data: Turning abstract concepts into actionable items.


Work with and for the entire range of stakeholders: Tailoring communication for diverse audiences - from remote vulnerable communities to NGOs to policy makers.


A storytelling approach: Bringing a unique flavour and breaking down complex ideas.


A learning focus: Helping ensure that materials serve long-term objectives.

15-A, Institutional Area, Sector IV,

R.K. Puram, New Delhi 110 022, India


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Documenting to showcase projects and build institutional memory


Knowledge sharing through project documentation

An initiative’s essence caught though cases and photo essays

A testament to the work that’s been done

Helping build future projects and derive new ways



SWC’s documentation initiatives delve into the best practices, learning and conclusions from various projects. It serves both as a testament to the work done and as a repository of learning for similar projects in other areas.


Evaluations for learning


Encouraging us to examine lessons to raise the bar

Evaluations offer insight into the projects, communities and surroundings

They adopt a forward-looking approach that’s more effective by far

Turning lessons into opportunities the next initiative brings



SWC’s evaluations of projects go far beyond the typical templates. They work more as a learning tool; looking at what successes have been achieved and what lay behind the challenges. Knowing that traditional reports are not read, SWC also works to convert these into easily usable formats. This includes video summaries of core findings or guidelines for future projects.


Information for emergencies and disaster risk reduction


Using communication as a bridge is key

For it is more than a tool, it is a means of change and aid

So no matter what or where the information need may be

Fulfilling it can mean a future is made



The right information to the right people at the right time can change the humanitarian landscape. In emergencies, information gaps at critical points affect the response capacity of communities; and the type, use and volume of aid. For disaster risk reduction, hidden knowledge and trends buried within data can influence programmes, policies and long-term focus areas. It actually helps nurture a culture of change.


SWC helps bridge this gap. It works to find and amplify hidden voices and stories. It creates infographics and maps. It works to establish two-way communication on vital information. It also performs nuanced analysis of data that helps identify concern areas, needs and solutions.


Public awareness and advocacy


We embed the idea of ‘involve me and I’ll understand’ in all we do

Helping turn awareness into a change spark

Breaking down complex ideas through stories that get people to talk and think too

And tailoring solutions for various audiences to make a mark



Our public awareness initiatives cover a wide range of solutions. On the one hand, we have developed and disseminated public awareness strategies. On the other, we develop information, education and communication (IEC) products. Many of our educational resources work on the basis of a ‘do and learn’ concept. Interactivity, animation and interesting design help learning in a fun manner.



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